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We at HELISTAR are very proud to be the only company in Greece to operate a fleet which is 100% company owned.
Giving us the opportunity to take extra good care of our helicopters, maintained by AIRBUS certified engineers, to ensure the highest security standards to our clients.


The Airbus AS365N3 is a fast twin-engine helicopter which can carry up to 5 passengers in addition to the pilot.

It is probably the most luxurious helicopter for charter in Greece with its VVIP configuration and extreme leg space.
It is possible to move all seats forward facing, leaving no room for discussions where to sit.

With its integrated bar you can enjoy a cold drink, some snacks and sit back and relax during your flight.

You can plug-in your own iPhone or use the integrated iPods to listen to music through the Bose noise-canceling headphones throughout your flight. If you need to talk to the pilot just switch to the crew sound channel.

Seats: 5 • Suitcases: 6

Airbus EC 135 Helicopter Greece


Enjoy your helicopter flight with our fleets flagship in speed &  capacity. Airbus H135 lightweight twin-engine helicopter remains top of its class with its distinct combination of optimum performance levels and  highly attractive features.

No matter if you are flying for business, leisure or for sightseeing our H135 will get you anywhere you want in style and speed.

Seats: 6 • Suitcases: 6


Enjoy our second EC 135 twin-engine helicopter with up to seven passengers giving you all the flexibility of who you take with you.

No matter if you are flying for business, leisure or sightseeing with a larger group our H135 is the perfect fit for you.

Seats: 7 • Suitcases: 6

Airbus EC120 Helicopter Service Greece


Discover Greece with this lightweight single-engine "Colibri".
This extremely modern helicopter uses a lot of composite materials and is fitted with the latest technologies: a Turbomeca Arrius 2F engine and a new-generation shrouded tail rotor as well as modern avionics.

Ideal for sightseeing trips of small groups or island hopping with smaller ranges.

Seats: 4 • Suitcases: 3


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We are happy to serve you with any wishes and needs you might have.

Helicopter Tour Greece

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We have crafted day trips and sightseeing tours for you in order to get some inspiration of what to see in Greece.
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