AS 365 • SX-HDY

The Airbus AS365N3, a swift twin-engine helicopter, accommodates 5 passengers plus the pilot in ultimate luxury, boasting Greece’s most opulent charter option with VVIP configuration and ample legroom. Its flexible seating arrangement ensures all passengers enjoy forward-facing views, eliminating seating choice debates.

The Airbus AS365N3, a pinnacle of speed and luxury in twin-engine helicopters, effortlessly accommodates up to five passengers plus the pilot, setting a new standard for aerial travel in Greece.

Its VVIP configuration, distinguished by extraordinary legroom, ensures unparalleled comfort, while its flexible seating arrangement, with all seats facing forward, eliminates any seating dilemmas.

Enhance your flight experience with the onboard bar, offering refreshing beverages and snacks, allowing you to unwind in the utmost comfort.

Personalize your entertainment by connecting your iPhone or utilizing the built-in iPods, all while enjoying crisp sound through Bose noise-canceling headphones.

Need to communicate with the pilot? Simply switch to the crew sound channel for instant connection.

Embark on your journey with unmatched speed, as the AS365N3 boasts a maximum velocity of 306 km/h (165 knots), ensuring rapid arrival at your destination. This helicopter not only redefines efficiency in travel but does so with an emphasis on luxury and personal comfort, making every moment in the skies a memorable one.

Features & further details

Cruising Speed
278 km/h
VVIP Configuration
649 km

At Max. Payload

2 Turbomeca Arriel 2c Engines
4 Seats
Luggage Compartment
6 Standard Suitcases
Empty Weight
2.957 kg
Max. Take-Off-Weight
4.300 kg
Air Condition
Yacht Landing
Pet Friendly


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