Prohibited Items

Dangerous Items Not Allowed on Board Helicopters in Greece

Greece has strict regulations for carrying dangerous items on aircraft, including helicopters. These regulations are based on international standards to ensure the safety of passengers and crew. Below is a comprehensive list of prohibited items, indicating whether they are allowed in hand luggage, checked baggage, or not allowed at all.

Prohibited Items in Both Hand and Checked Baggage:

  1. Firearms and Other Weapons:
    • Firearms (pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns)
    • Replica and imitation firearms
    • Parts of firearms (excluding telescopic sights)
    • Airguns, CO2 guns
    • Signal pistols, starter pistols
    • Bows, crossbows, arrows
    • Harpoons, spearguns
    • Slingshots, catapults
  2. Stun Devices:
    • Stun guns, Tasers, stun batons
    • Animal stunners, animal killers
    • Chemical sprays (e.g., pepper spray, tear gas)
  3. Explosive and Flammable Substances and Devices:
    • Ammunition
    • Detonators, fuses
    • Mines, grenades, other military explosives
    • Fireworks, flares
    • Smoke canisters, smoke cartridges
    • Dynamite, gunpowder, plastic explosives
  4. Toxic or Infectious Materials:
    • Arsenic
    • Contaminated blood
  5. Radioactive Materials:
    • Medical or commercial isotopes


Items Allowed Only in Checked Baggage:

  1. Sharp Objects:
    • Axes, hatchets
    • Ice picks, crampons
    • Razor blades, box cutters
    • Knives with blades over 6 cm
    • Scissors with blades over 6 cm
    • Martial arts weapons (e.g., nunchakus)
    • Swords, sabers
  2. Tools:
    • Crowbars
    • Drills, drill bits (including cordless portable drills)
    • Tools with blades or shafts over 6 cm (e.g., screwdrivers, chisels)
    • Saws (including cordless portable saws)
    • Blowtorches
    • Bolt guns, nail guns
  3. Blunt Instruments:
    • Baseball and softball bats
    • Clubs, batons (e.g., police batons, nightsticks)
    • Martial arts weapons


Items Allowed Only in Hand Luggage:

  1. Electronic Devices with Lithium Batteries:
    • Portable electronic devices (PEDs) must be carried in hand luggage or on the person.
    • Spare batteries, power banks, and portable electronic smoking devices are not allowed in checked baggage.
  2. E-Cigarettes
    • Allowed only in hand luggage. Charging on board is prohibited.
  3. Liquids:
    • Liquids in containers up to 100 ml, in a transparent, resealable plastic bag (max 1 liter).


Additional Notes:

  • Lithium Batteries: Allowed in hand luggage if installed in devices or individually packed as spare batteries. Up to 20 spare batteries (max 100 Wh) per person; larger batteries (up to 160 Wh) require airline approval.
  • Medical Devices: Inhalers, insulin pumps allowed in hand luggage, subject to prior notification to the airline.

These regulations are designed to protect the safety of all passengers and crew members. For more detailed information, please check with the Greek Civil Aviation Authority. It is advisable to verify specific regulations before traveling to ensure compliance and a smooth travel experience

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