Our Heliport Services in Koropi

Discover the Ease of Travel with our Heliport and Ground Transportation Services in Koropi, close to Athens International Airport.


Experience ultimate convenience at our licensed Heliport in Koropi, located close to Athens Airport. We offer luxury and top-notch service just 12 minutes away from the airport. Your travel experience will be safe, efficient, and high-quality. Our facility ensures your seamless arrivals and departures, making sure every journey starts and finishes on a high note.

To enhance your experience further, we offer a bespoke shuttle service to and from Athens Airport upon request. We designed our service to make your travel experience as smooth and seamless as possible. We know switching between flights and helicopter rides can be stressful and takes a lot of time. That’s why we strive to give you a luxurious and easy experience.

We take care of everything to ensure your transition between flights and helicopter journeys is seamless. This service starts as soon as you arrive at the airport.

Our service is tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences, whether you are traveling for business or pleasure. Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of comfort and convenience. This will allow you to relax and enjoy your journey without any worries or problems.

Our service makes sure that your travel is as easy as possible. This allows you to concentrate on your destination and the exciting experiences that await you. We will take care of everything for you. You can relax and enjoy the seamless transitions between your flights and helicopter rides.

Experience a unique journey with Helistar, where luxury, efficiency, and safety combine perfectly for an extraordinary travel experience. We are thrilled to have you at our Heliport in Koropi and want to provide a flight experience you won’t forget.


Our Ground Transportation Services offer ultimate convenience. We can easily connect you to and from our helipad and the Athens International Airport. The airport is just a short 12-minute drive away. We designed our service to provide you with the utmost comfort and efficiency, whether you’re arriving or departing.

If you are traveling with your family or a small group, we have two Mercedes-Benz Vito’s available for you. These vehicles offer plenty of space and a luxurious experience for all passengers. Our team is on-hand to help with luggage, making your travel experience easy and hassle-free.

We offer ground transportation services across islands and the mainland through our trusted partners to provide exceptional service. We tailor our transportation to suit your needs, ensuring a seamless journey from or to the airport or helipad. Whether you’re going to an island getaway or a mainland destination, we’ve got you covered. Let us handle the details while you relax and enjoy the journey.


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We focus on helping business clients, including AOC operators, helicopters, and individual owners. We provide customized hangar options, safe outdoor parking, and quick refueling services.

Our pledge to uphold the highest handling service standards means your requirements always receive top priority. Explore our comprehensive service offerings and please reach out for any specific service inquiries.

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