EC 120B • SX-HVA

The Airbus H120, a sleek single-engine helicopter, comfortably seats up to four passengers alongside the pilot, making it an exemplary choice for a range of civilian and paramilitary tasks. Its ingeniously designed cabin and luggage compartment render it exceptionally versatile.

Pioneering in its weight class (1.6 ton) for adhering to the stringent new JAR 27 regulations, the “Colibri” boasts a crash-resistant fuel system and seats that prioritize the safety of both pilot and passengers.

Notably quiet, operating at 6.6 dB below the ICAO limit, the H120 features an exceptionally spacious cabin with outstanding visibility, setting a new benchmark for flight comfort in its category.

Embracing modernity, the H120 extensively incorporates composite materials and is equipped with cutting-edge technology, including the Turbomeca Arrius 2F engine and a contemporary shrouded tail rotor, alongside the latest avionics, reinforcing its status as a leader in helicopter innovation.

Features & further details

Cruising Speed
195 km/h
370 km

At Max. Payload

4 Seats
Luggage Compartment
3 Standard Suitcases
1 Turbomeca Arrius 2F Engine
Empty Weight
1.115 kg
Max. take-off-weight
1.715 kg
Air Condition
Pet Friendly


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