Air Ambulance

What makes the difference?

In cases of emergency you need a partner you can trust and who is on your side all the way. With our highly trained critical care paramedics who are both licensed and well screened from our side, we can provide you with the best care possible from the place where your emergency happened to the hospital where you will get help. 
Our EC135 can be transformed to an air ambulance within minutes - taking you to the hospital the fastest possible, accompanied by registered medical crew to give you first aid and to make sure you are looked after on your flight.

Taking the best care of you

In-flight medical care

Our highly trained medical crew accompanied by nurses, paramedics or EMT medicals will take care of you through the duration of your flight including oxygen, sedation and pain management and then hand you over to any hospital or doctor at your destination.

Full service trip planning

Taking care of all ends of your medical flight. Priority airport check-ins in case you are still mobile, or seamless transfer from ground ambulance vehicles to the helicopter in case you have a bigger emergency. Staying in contact with your destination to assure zero waiting time upon arrival.

Specialized equipment

In order to move immobile patients, or to support you with oxygen in-flight our EC135 can be equipped with SAR stretchers also used by the most reputable MEDEAC operators.


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