Island Hopping

Immerse yourself in the diverse enchantments and atmospheres of the islands dotting the Aegean Sea. Allow their unique charms to wash over you as you explore the tapestry of cultures, histories, and natural beauty that each island offers, creating a mosaic of unforgettable experiences.

What makes the difference?

Most travelers have a hard time to decide which place in Greece they want to visit. This is understandable since each island and destination has its very own charm and vibe just like your mood can change. Sometimes you search for an adventure, busy taverns and nightlife – sometimes you hope to find a quiet and romantic place to enjoy the sunset with your beloved ones.

Imagine to soak up all these vibes and make the most out of your stay in Greece. The easiest way is to take a helicopter tour.

You can decide to go on a day trip and let the helicopter wait for you – or pick you back up after a few hours of enjoying the islands charm, taking a swim on a lonely beach or having lunch at a traditional tavern.

Get inspired by our crafted tours, or let us know your wishes.

Take your breakfast on another island

Imagine waking up, getting ready and boarding an early helicopter flight at your hotels door to enjoy some breakfast on the neighboring island you see from your hotel room.
Start into an adventure you will never forget.

Enjoy the early mornings on the islands

Even during high season you will find islands filled with tranquility in the mornings, pulsing up throughout the day.

Take your helicopter tour from Santorini to Mykonos for example or see some archeological sights on Naxos.

Our Fleet

Have a closer look at our fleet and find your perfect helicopter in Greece


Tell us what you would like to experience in Greece and charter you private helicopter tour to see all of it. We make your travel plans flexible and joyful.

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