H-135 T2+ • SX-HGH

The Airbus H135 T2+, a standout in the lightweight twin-engine helicopter segment, sets the standard with its blend of exceptional performance and impressive capabilities.

Engineered for adaptability, it excels in a variety of roles, showcasing its resilience in demanding conditions without sacrificing safety or power. The H135 T2+ elevates the flying experience with its agile performance, enabled by the advanced main rotor system and the safety benefits of its Fenestron tail rotor.

Entry and exit are seamless, thanks to the spacious side sliding doors, while the rear clamshell doors facilitate effortless loading and unloading of cargo. The design of the H135 T2+ prioritizes expansive visibility, offering passengers unparalleled views and enhancing pilot awareness during flight.

The H135 T2+ also stands out for its quiet and smooth ride, a testament to Airbus's dedication to reducing noise and vibration levels. This commitment ensures a peaceful journey, reflecting the manufacturer's focus on comfort and tranquility aboard its helicopters.

With the H135 T2+, Airbus continues its legacy of merging efficiency, safety, and comfort, reinforcing its position as a leader in aviation innovation. This helicopter not only meets the demands of modern air travel but exceeds them, promising an unmatched airborne experience.

Airbus EC135 Seatmap Layout
Airbus EC135 Dimensions Exterior
EC135 Airbus Helicopter Interior Dimensions


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