EC 135 T1 • SX-HSM

The Airbus H135, a marvel in the realm of lightweight twin-engine helicopters, continues to lead its class through a perfect synergy of unparalleled performance and striking features.

Designed to excel in even the harshest conditions, it offers an expansive mission range without compromising safety or efficiency. The H135 provides passengers with a swift, seamless journey, thanks to its aerodynamically superior main rotor and safety-enhanced shrouded tail rotor.

Boarding and disembarking are effortlessly facilitated by its expansive side sliding doors, while the rear clamshell doors offer easy access for luggage, making every aspect of travel convenient. During flight, passengers are treated to exceptional views through the helicopter's design, which prioritizes external visibility, transforming each journey into a visual feast.

The H135 stands out for its tranquil flight experience, maintaining low sound and vibration levels that ensure a serene and comfortable environment for both passengers and crew. This helicopter not only meets but exceeds expectations, blending speed, safety, and comfort into an exquisite airborne experience.

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Basic Specifications

Airbus EC135 SX-HSM Specifications


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