EC 135 T1 • SX-HSM

The Airbus EC135 T1 represents an outstanding choice in the light, twin-engine helicopter segment by uniquely blending safety, comfort, and performance. This model is distinguished by its reliable turbine engines, ensuring impressive performance in challenging weather conditions and demanding environments.

Safety was a paramount consideration in the development of the EC135 T1. Its design features a high main rotor and a shrouded tail rotor, significantly enhancing safety during flight and ground operations. The avionics and flight monitoring systems effectively support the pilot in minimizing the risk of human error.

Passengers of the EC135 T1 benefit from a comfortable and quiet flight experience. The cabin is spacious, offering excellent external visibility through large windows, allowing passengers to fully enjoy the view. Large side sliding doors and rear clamshell doors greatly facilitate boarding and luggage loading.

With its low noise and vibration levels, the EC135 T1 provides a pleasant atmosphere, ideal for conducting business meetings in the air or enjoying relaxing journeys. Overall, the Airbus EC135 T1 embodies a balanced mix of technological innovation and practical design, making it the helicopter of choice for private flights and operations across various sectors.

EC 135 T3 • SX-HKG

The Airbus EC135 T3, a pinnacle of light twin-engine helicopters, excels in safety, comfort, and performance. Designed for versatility, it navigates demanding environments effortlessly, without compromising on safety or efficiency. Its advanced Helionix avionics system enhances situational awareness, significantly reducing pilot workload and increasing safety.

Passengers of the EC135 T3 enjoy a supremely smooth ride, thanks to its high-performance engines and aerodynamic design. The high-set main rotor and shrouded tail rotor contribute to unparalleled safety levels both in-flight and on the ground.

For convenience, large side sliding doors and rear clamshell doors offer easy access and ample luggage space. Its cabin, designed for comfort, combines low noise and vibration with excellent external visibility, allowing passengers to relax and enjoy stunning views.

In summary, the Airbus EC135 T3 stands out for its integration of high safety standards, luxurious comfort, and exceptional performance, making it an ideal choice for private and business aviation.

EC 135 P2+ • SX-HRE

The Airbus EC135 P2+ elevates the standard for light, twin-engine helicopters, offering a blend of advanced safety features, superior comfort, and exceptional performance. This model is powered by Pratt & Whitney's reliable turbines, ensuring optimal performance in various operational scenarios, including challenging weather conditions and demanding environments.

Safety is a cornerstone of the EC135 P2+'s design, incorporating state-of-the-art technology to protect passengers and crew. The helicopter features an advanced avionics suite that enhances pilot situational awareness and reduces workload, thereby minimizing the risk of human error. The high-set main rotor and fenestron tail rotor not only contribute to safety during flight and on-ground operations but also reduce noise, making it a neighbor-friendly aircraft.

Inside, the EC135 P2+ boasts a spacious, quiet cabin with large windows, providing passengers with stunning views and a serene flight experience. The aircraft's large sliding doors and rear clamshell doors simplify boarding and luggage handling, adding to the convenience and efficiency of travel.

The EC135 P2+ stands out for its low noise and vibration levels, creating a restful environment for passengers and crew alike. Whether used for business travel, emergency services, or leisure flights, the Airbus EC135 P2+ merges cutting-edge technology with practicality, ensuring a safe, comfortable, and efficient journey every time.


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