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Embark on a private helicopter voyage to Tinos Island and immerse yourself in its captivating cultural tapestry. Whether you're planning a prolonged stay or seeking a convenient day trip from Mykonos, Santorini, Athens, or any other location in Greece, Tinos offers a rich blend of traditions, art, and history. Experience the ease and elegance of traveling by helicopter, ensuring you arrive in style and comfort, ready to explore the unique cultural offerings of Tinos.

Mykonos to Tinos // Tinos to Mykonos - ca. 6 minutes

Athens to Tinos // Tinos to Athens – ca. 30 minutes

Santorini to Tinos // Tinos to Santorini - ca. 35 minutes

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The Aegean Muse

Embark on an enchanting journey to Tinos, an Aegean gem that beckons with its allure. This island, a muse set against the backdrop of the Aegean Sea, is fringed by beaches with golden sands and interspersed with springs that carve verdant oases amidst its craggy terrains. Tinos vibrates with the passion of its inhabitants, who dedicate themselves to preserving and enhancing their slice of paradise, rendering each village a living work of art, welcoming all with open arms and heartfelt warmth.

The winding paths of Tinos inspire exploration on foot, tempting adventurers to lace up their boots and ascend to its lofty summits, while the island's playful breezes beckon sea lovers to embrace the joy of maritime activities. The local flora and fauna have inspired a culinary richness, a testament to the islanders' bond with their environment. Tinos's famed marble has been sculpted into statues and structures, etching a legacy of artistry and distinctive architectural elegance, epitomized by the majestic Church of The Holy Virgin.

Scattered across the landscape are ornate dovecots, sacred edifices, temples, and vibrant bell towers, alongside the traditional wind and watermills—each a tribute to the endless inspiration Tinos generously bestows. This island, graced with natural beauty and cultural treasures, offers an invitation to discover, taste, and marvel at the essence of Aegean charm.

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Rich Culture

Discover a haven brimming with artistic marvels on Tinos Island, a place where the natural beauty of sea, sky, and mountain converges, igniting a flame of creativity among its inhabitants for centuries. According to legend, the unmatched sculptor Phideas bestowed his extraordinary talent upon the locals, a legacy evident today as artisans continue to showcase exceptional skill in their craft. Witness this enduring tradition at the Chalepas Museum and the intriguing Marble School, where the legacy of sculpture is preserved and celebrated.

Beyond marble, the island's artisans, including basket weavers and painters, draw inspiration from their surroundings, weaving folklore into their creations and contemplating the enigmatic Volax boulders. Immersed in this awe-inspiring landscape, adorned with picturesque dovecotes, sacred chapels, and the revered Church of The Holy Virgin, you'll find yourself experiencing a profound connection to art and nature.

Join the festivities at the Tinos Festival, where the island's vibrant culture comes alive through theatre, dance, and visual arts, inviting you to explore your own artistic sensibilities. Tinos is not just a destination; it's an invitation to craft your perfect holiday, infused with inspiration and beauty.

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Trekking Paths

The pathways crisscrossing Tinos unfold across 400km of meticulously laid stone or slate, creating routes where upright stones are a rare sight. These paths are steeped in history, tracing their origins back to ancient times. The Vari path, renowned as the most significant to this day, historically linked the Ancient Town with the central towns of Tinos, serving as vital arteries of communication and commerce. Pinpointing the exact age of these pathways proves challenging, as their construction technique has remained unchanged through millennia, a testament to the enduring craftsmanship of the island's inhabitants.

The initiative "Alternative Forms of Tourism – Promotion of Cultural Interest Itineraries" has played a crucial role in rejuvenating and signposting these trails, focusing on regions of significant cultural interest. This effort not only preserves the historical essence of these ancient routes but also opens up a window to the past for modern explorers, offering a tangible connection to the island's rich heritage and the timeless landscape that has inspired generations.

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Poseidon Temple 

The temple of Poseidon on Tinos was revered on par with the sanctuary of Asklepios in Epidaurus, marking it as a crucial site for those seeking divine healing. Devotees implored Poseidon for restoration of their health, engaging in sacred rituals and adhering to treatments prescribed by the temple's priests. This profound spiritual practice highlighted the temple's significant role in the ancient healing process.

Tinos served as a preparatory stop for pilgrims en route to Delos, known as the gateway for those on their sacred journey. Before reaching Delos, pilgrims were required to undergo purification in the baths of Poseidon, ensuring they arrived in a state of purity. Present-day visitors to the site can observe remnants of this rich historical tapestry, including portions of the temple's foundations, the guesthouse, the bath, and a ceremonial platform.

Among the archaeological discoveries are numerous sculptures and decorative elements from the temple, bearing witness to its former magnificence. These artifacts offer a glimpse into the temple's architectural and cultural significance, illuminating the spiritual importance of Tinos in the ancient world and its enduring legacy as a site of pilgrimage and healing.

Products of Tinos

Local Products

Tinos boasts a culinary landscape distinct from its Cycladic neighbors, enriched by a variety of local products that shape a unique dining experience. A must-try is the galaktomboureko, a delectable custard-filled pastry that epitomizes the island's sweet offerings. The homemade pasta adorned with tomato and basil, alongside sun-dried tomatoes, introduces a taste of Tinos's sun-kissed agriculture.

The island's cheese, known as tiniako, together with locally harvested capers, are staples in salads and a myriad of dishes, enhancing flavors with their freshness. Tinos's meat selection is equally impressive, featuring louza, siglino, wild rabbit, and pigeon in tomato sauce, as well as traditional sausages, each offering a unique insight into the local gastronomy.

A standout feature of Tinos's culinary heritage is its artichoke dishes, benefiting from the high-quality produce, particularly from the area of Kato Meri. From artichoke omelettes and salads to more elaborate concoctions like artichoke with liver and rice or artichoke paired with pasta and rabbit, the versatility of this vegetable is showcased in full. Additionally, the island's sweets promise to enchant those with a penchant for desserts, making Tinos's cuisine a delightful journey through flavors and traditions.


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