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Embark on a private helicopter journey to Naxos Island and be mesmerized by its stunning turquoise waters. Whether you're planning an extended getaway or seeking a quick day trip from Mykonos, Santorini, Athens, or any other location in Greece, Naxos awaits with its breathtaking beauty and vibrant culture. Experience the luxury and convenience of helicopter travel, ensuring your arrival in style and comfort, ready to explore the largest of the Cyclades Islands.

Mykonos to Naxos // Naxos to Mykonos - ca. 12 minutes

Santorini to Naxos // Naxos to Santorini - ca. 22 minutes

Athens to Naxos // Naxos to Athens – ca. 45 minutes

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A Spot of white in turquoise waters

Naxos, with its intriguing mix of ancient history and vibrant beach life, stands out as the largest among the Cycladic Islands. It boasts a legendary status as the childhood abode of Zeus, the supreme deity of the Greek pantheon. Venturing into Naxos, you're invited to traverse a causeway leading to Palatia, where you're greeted by the Portara. This majestic stone doorway, remnants of a bygone temple, now serves as the iconic emblem of the island. As the sun dips below the horizon, the Portara offers a mesmerizing vista of Naxos and the expansive sea beyond, casting a magical glow that encapsulates the island's timeless beauty.

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Mythical Naxos

The tapestry of Naxos Island's mythology, rich with figures such as Dionysus, Zeus, Apollo, Ariadne, and Demeter, is vividly colored in the annals of memory and time, continually captivating the interest and sparking the imagination of those who delve into its depths. On Naxos, the ancient myths intertwine with tangible reality, illuminated by the plethora of archaeological discoveries spanning various epochs, which shed light on the historical truths that inspired these legendary narratives.

The stories of Dionysus and Semele, Theseus and Ariadne, along with tales of nymphs, Nereids, and sea goddesses, as well as tales of tyrants, conquerors, pirates, noblemen, farmers, and heroes, weave through the island's history and geography. These tales create a captivating interplay between myth and historical fact, offering a glimpse into the island's rich past.

Exploring the archaeological sites and museums of Naxos opens a portal to this mythological realm, inviting visitors to step into a world where the lines between legend and history blur, providing a unique insight into the cultural heritage that shapes the island's identity.

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Things to do in Naxos

The Archaeological Museum of Naxos, situated in the vibrant center of Chora Naxos, serves as a gateway to the island's rich past. The museum's collection spans a broad timeline, showcasing objects and artifacts from the Neolithic era through to the early-Christian period, offering visitors a comprehensive view of the island's historical evolution.

Dominating the landscape on the isle of Palatia, now seamlessly linked with Chora Naxos, stands the Portara. This grand marble gateway is the sole survivor of a once majestic temple dedicated to Apollo, tracing its origins back to the 7th century BC. The Portara has become an iconic symbol of Naxos, capturing the imagination of all who visit.

Agios Prokopios beach, located just 5 kilometers from Naxos city, is acclaimed as one of the finest beaches in Greece and perhaps even Europe. Spanning an impressive 1.5 kilometers, this beach boasts pristine white sands and unparalleled natural beauty, making it a must-visit destination for beach lovers seeking tranquility and scenic splendor.

Local Products of Naxos

Local Products 

Naxos, with its considerable size, strategic position in the Aegean Sea, and abundant natural resources, has enjoyed self-sufficiency since ancient times.

The island's olive oil and fruit were celebrated across the archipelago, and its wine was esteemed as the very nectar of the gods.

Today, Naxos continues to produce exquisite thyme honey and fine wine, maintaining its tradition of agricultural excellence. Notably, the potatoes of Naxos stand out for their historical significance, distinctive taste, and superior quality, earning them renown.

The production of the citron-flavored spirit, initially known as kitrorako, represents a long-standing tradition on the island. By around 1870, a novel distillation process involving alcohol and citron leaves gave birth to what is now the famous Naxos citron liqueur, a testament to the island's innovative spirit in the realm of gastronomy.


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