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Embark on a private helicopter journey to or from Mykonos, the pulsating heart of European glamour and excitement. Whether you're planning an extended stay or seeking a one-day aerial escapade to destinations like Santorini, Athens, Paros, or any other enchanting locale within Greece, we're here to elevate your experience to extraordinary heights.

Paros to Mykonos // Mykonos to Paros - ca. 15 minutes

Santorini to Mykonos // Mykonos to Santorini - ca. 30 minutes

Athens to Mykonos // Mykonos to Athens – ca. 35 minutes

Mykonos Helicopter Transfer

The stylish isle of fun

Despite its modest population of approximately 10,000 residents, Mykonos transforms dramatically during the summer months, especially in the peak season of July and August, becoming a pivotal holiday destination in Europe. The island's vibrant transformation is most palpable in the bustling small streets of its city center, which come to life after sundown. Here, hundreds of restaurants, bars, shops, and an influx of tourists create a lively nightlife scene.

Mykonos is celebrated for its unique blend of bohemian chic and luxurious relaxation, offering visitors the flexibility to revel in elegant evening attire or bask in the sun in swimwear. The island boasts stunning beaches, opulent resorts, and a renowned summer party vibe, making it a quintessential spot for both relaxation and entertainment.

Moreover, Mykonos serves as a base for some of our helicopters, facilitating easy and stylish access to the island's myriad charms and the beauty of the surrounding Aegean Sea. This combination of features cements Mykonos's status as a premier destination for travelers seeking the ultimate balance of luxury and leisure.

Helicopter to Mykonos Windmills


One of the most iconic sights in Mykonos are its windmills, visible from almost every vantage point within the town of Mykonos and greeting visitors as they enter the island's harbor. Presently, there are 16 windmills on Mykonos, with seven notably perched on the landmark hill in Chora, making them a picturesque backdrop and a symbol of the island's rich historical tapestry.

Most of these windmills were constructed by the Venetians in the 16th century, a testament to the island's strategic importance and vibrant history, with construction continuing well into the early 20th century. Originally, they were used to mill wheat and became a vital source of income for the locals, playing a crucial role in the island's economy. However, their operational use gradually diminished, ceasing entirely by the mid-20th century.

The architecture of the windmills is distinctively uniform: each features a cylindrical shape, painted in stark white to contrast beautifully against the azure sky, topped with a pointed roof, and punctuated by very small windows. Today, they stand as a poignant reminder of Mykonos's past, adding to the island's unique charm and serving as a magnet for visitors from around the globe.

Sightseeing of Mykonos

Blue & White Mykonos City 

The island of Mykonos presents a striking visual harmony with almost every building adorned in white, complemented by blue windows and balconies. These buildings stand out as vibrant spots against the natural backdrop of rocks and sand. The chosen palette of white beautifully captures and reflects the hues of the sunset, seamlessly transitioning the island from a tranquil paradise by day to a vibrant hub for nightlife.

Within the town of Mykonos, you can wander through countless narrow alleys that reveal unexpected wonders at every turn. While it’s easy to feel disoriented in this maze, getting lost is part of the charm. The streets, almost like gentle guides, eventually lead you back to where you started. And sometimes, the reward for losing your way might just be stumbling upon a quaint, hidden gem, be it a restaurant, boutique, or art gallery, each with its own story.

As night falls, the city center of Mykonos comes alive with a plethora of activities. It boasts hundreds of options for indulging in traditional Greek Souvlaki at one of its renowned taverns, or sipping Ouzo and enjoying signature cocktails in the famous Little Venice quarter. This area, known for its concentration of bars and nightclubs nestled within the narrow streets right by the water’s edge, becomes a lively scene of social interaction and cultural immersion, making it a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the true essence of Mykonos nightlife.

Mykonos Beaches Inspiration

White sands and turquoise water

The captivating white and blue theme of Mykonos doesn't stop at the buildings; it extends to the surrounding waters, mirroring the national colors of Greece and creating a seamless blend of culture and nature.

Mykonos is renowned for its stunning beaches, complemented by sophisticated beach clubs where you can unwind on plush daybeds under the sun. It's wise to book your spot a few days ahead to secure your slice of paradise. Mornings at the beaches offer tranquility, with the crowds typically gathering around 11:00 AM. This provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy a peaceful morning or catch up on sleep after a night exploring the vibrant city center.

While all beaches in Greece are public, allowing for the discovery of quieter, less trodden spots along the turquoise waters, the dynamic atmosphere, and the luxury of drinks and food available at the island's beach clubs are experiences not to be missed.


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