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Embark on a private helicopter journey to Kythnos Island and discover a hidden paradise awaiting your exploration. Whether you're planning an extended retreat or seeking a quick day trip from Mykonos, Santorini, Athens, or any other locale in Greece, Kythnos offers an escape into serene beauty and tranquility. Experience the luxury and convenience of helicopter travel, ensuring your arrival in style and comfort, ready to uncover the secluded beaches, therapeutic hot springs, and charming villages that make Kythnos a truly special destination.

Athens to Kythnos // Kythnos to Athens – ca. 20 minutes

Mykonos to Kythnos // Kythnos to Mykonos - ca. 20 minutes

Santorini to Kythnos // Kythnos to Santorini - ca. 40 minutes

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The secret paradise in West Cyclades

Kythnos, poised between Kea and Serifos as if extending its arms to embrace them both, resembles a bird with wings spread wide to the north and south, ready to soar above the Aegean's deep blue. This imagery evokes a sense of freedom and exploration, inviting one to discover its myriad treasures. From its pristine beaches and stunning landscapes to the golden hues of its sunsets and the fragrance of its gardens, Kythnos captivates the senses. The island is dotted with churches, traditional houses sporting red roofs, quaint streets, solitary windmills, and rich historical tapestry that includes ancient sites and thermal springs. Adding to its charm is the warmth and hospitality of its people, making Kythnos a hidden gem in the Aegean, ready to share its beauty and heritage with all who visit.

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Kythnos, with its considerable size, invites visitors to explore an array of remarkable attractions. Here's a glimpse into the diverse sights the island offers:

Vryokastro of Kythnos: Once the bustling ancient capital, Vryokastro is steeped in history, offering a window into the island's storied past.

Folklore Museum of Dryopida: This museum provides a deep dive into the cultural and historical heritage of Kythnos, showcasing traditional artifacts, costumes, and more.

Caves of Kythnos: Among them, the Katafyki Cave stands out as Kythnos's most renowned cave. A marvel of natural beauty, it's known as one of the island's top attractions, with vast portions still unexplored, hinting at mysteries yet to be uncovered.

Mines of Kythnos Island: The island's mining sites echo the industrial history of Kythnos, offering a unique insight into the island's economic past.

Hot Springs: The village of Loutra is famous for its thermal springs, including the indoor Agioi Anargyroi, situated within the spa premises, and the outdoor spring of Kakavos, located about 50 meters away. These thermal springs have been celebrated for their therapeutic properties, attracting visitors seeking wellness and relaxation.

Each of these sites contributes to the rich tapestry of experiences Kythnos offers, making it an enchanting destination for all who visit.

Kythnos Local Products Sightseeing

Traditional Products 

Sampling the island's cheeses is an absolute must, with feta, kopanisti, and crumbled varieties topping the list. The unique grated cheese is a key ingredient in "sfougata," a type of kibble cheese that's a staple in all of Kythnos's taverns. Kythnos's cheese and wine boast a storied history, tracing back to ancient times, underscoring the island's rich culinary heritage. Additionally, Kythnos produces savory sausages, delectable nuts, and notably, Thermiotiko honey, renowned for its thyme-rich flavor and considered one of the world's finest.

The local confectionery, particularly sweets and nougat, traditionally served at Thermiotikos weddings, showcases the island's sweet culinary traditions. Pies and "kolopia" (a spinach dish) represent the savory side of this tradition.

The caper, thriving on Kythnos's rocky cliffs, adds both a visual and flavorful zest to salads, embodying the island's natural bounty. These culinary treasures are found in every Thermiotiko home and are available for purchase from agricultural cooperatives as well as stores specializing in traditional products, offering a taste of Kythnos's gastronomic richness to all who visit.


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