Hotels we like the most

Amanzoe, Kranidi

Amanzoe, nestled in Greece's Peloponnese, is a luxurious hilltop retreat offering stunning Aegean views, elegant pavilions, a world-class spa, and bespoke hospitality for an unforgettable tranquil escape.

Four Seasons Astir Palace, Athens

Four Seasons Athens, located at the Astir Palace, offers a luxurious seaside escape, blending urban sophistication with beachside bliss, featuring elegant accommodations, fine dining, and exceptional service.

Myconian Collection, Mykonos 

The Myconian Collection is a family-owned group of luxury hotels in Mykonos, offering bespoke experiences, exquisite accommodations, world-class dining, and spa services, all set against the island's stunning natural beauty.

Santa Marina, Mykonos

Santa Marina Resort in Mykonos, a Luxury Collection gem, encapsulates exclusive beachfront living with its world-renowned Buddha-Bar Beach, serene Ginkgo Spa, and bespoke accommodations, defining unparalleled Aegean luxury.

Ellies Resort, Sifnos

Elies Resort in Sifnos offers a luxurious escape, merging Cycladic tradition with modern elegance amidst stunning natural beauty, for a unique, serene island getaway experience.

Hotel Calilo, Ios

Hotel Calilo, nestled on the secluded beaches of Ios, Greece, is a luxury oasis offering private suites with pools, sustainable elegance, and unparalleled services, set amidst an unspoiled natural paradise.

Blue Palace, Crete 

Blue Palace in Crete, set between Plaka and Elounda, offers a boutique experience with stunning views of Spinalonga, blending luxury with authentic Greek charm.

Daios Cove, Crete

Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas in Crete offers unparalleled luxury, exclusive beach access, gourmet dining, and direct helicopter transfers for a quintessential serene and sophisticated retreat.

The Romanos, Costa Navarino

Nestled among olive groves with Ionian Sea views, The Romanos Resort in Costa Navarino epitomizes luxury, offering diverse accommodations and enriching experiences like golf, spa, and gourmet dining.


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