Tinos Island

Hop on a private helicopter trip to Tinos island and enjoy the wonderful culture. Whether you are staying there for long or search for a day trip transfer from Mykonos, Santorini, Athens or elsewhere in Greece.

Athens to Tinos // Tinos to Athens – ca. 30 minutes

Mykonos to Tinos // Tinos to Mykonos - ca. 6 minutes

Santorini to Tinos // Tinos to Santorini - ca. 35 minutes

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The Aegean Muse

Time to spread your wings with a special muse, the Aegean island of Tinos. Carpets of golden sands lace the coasts and spring waters create oases between its rugged mountainsides. The locals work with such zeal to honour their little paradise that every village is a masterpiece, with a genuinely warm welcome awaiting you in each. Their pathways will spur you to pull on your walking boots and even take on the peaks. The friendly winds will invite you to join in the fun on the waves. From the flora and fauna, the people have created a rich gastronomy. From their marble they have carved out a legacy of statues and a distinctive architectural style, crowned by the glorious Church of The Holy Virgin. The land was adorned with decorative dovecots, churches, temples, colourful bell towers, wind and watermills as a token of generous appreciation to the seeds of inspiration this blessed island offers so genuinely.

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Rich Culture

Enjoy a natural treasure trove of artistic delights.
Stand aloft the rock of Exombourgo and feel the elemental energy of sea, sky and mountain that has inspired a creative urge in the people of Tinos for generations. Legend says that the greatest sculptor of all time, Phideas, lent a hand by passing on his genius and today the chisel is still wielded with the very same flair. See for yourself in the Chalepas Museum and the fascinating Marble School. Elsewhere, basket weavers spin out folk tales along with strands of wicker; and painters ponder the mystery of the Volax boulders. You’ll soar to a personal epiphany, carried away by this breathtaking landscape dotted with dovecotes and chapels and graced with the Church of The Holy Virgin, and you’ll join the other Tinos Festival goers in a celebration of theatre, dance and visual arts. Find the artist inside and craft the perfect holiday.

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Trekking Paths

The paths of the island are stone or slate paved roads of 400km total length where you hardly meet any upright stones.
Their history goes back in the ancient times, when the named Vari – the most known and significant path till nowadays- connected Ancient Town to the Towns in the center of Tinos. However, the verification of the paths age is at some points quite difficult because the way of their construction remains the same and unaltered in the lapse of the centuries.
The program “Alternative Forms of Tourism – Promotion of Cultural Interest Itineraries” restored and marked trails in areas of great cultural interest.
Learn more about the paths and things to discover here

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Poseidon Temple 

The temple of Poseidon was considered equal to that of Asklepios in Epidaurus. Patients begged Poseidon to heal them. They participated in rituals and followed treatments given by the priests of the temple.
Tinos was the antechamber of the pilgrims to Delos. Pilgrims had to purify themselves in the baths of Poseidon in order to arrive immaculate to Delos. Today you can see parts of the foundations of the temples, the guesthouse and the bath, and a platform. Among the findings there are several sculptures and decorations of the temple which testify its glory.

Products of Tinos

Local Products

Tinos is rich in local products and its local cuisine is quite different from the other Cycladic Islands. It is worth to try the custard-filled pastry called galaktomboureko, the home made pasta with tomato and basil, the local sundried tomatoes, the local cheese called tiniako, the local capers, generously used in salads and in various dishes, the meat products such as louza, siglino, wild rabbit, pigeon cooked in tomato sauce and sausages.

Another tasty specialty of Tinos is dishes with artichokes for the island produces a lot of them, of a high quality, especially in the area of Kato Meri. Some of these delicious original dishes are artichoke omelette, artichoke salad, artichoke with liver and rice, artichoke with pasta, artichoke and rabbit and much more. Worth trying are also the delicious local sweets.


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