Paros Island

Hop on a private helicopter trip to Paros island and enjoy the wonderful festival of senses. Whether you are staying there for long or search for a day trip transfer from Mykonos, Santorini, Athens or elsewhere in Greece.

Athens to Paros // Paros to Athens – ca. 40 minutes

Mykonos to Paros // Paros to Mykonos - ca. 15 minutes

Santorini to Paros // Paros to Santorini - ca. 20 minutes

Paros Helicopter Transfer

A festival of senses

Simplicity and beauty shine brightly on this beautiful island. Looking around at the hills and villages, we feel as if a great modern artist outlined them, with slopes and inclines illustrating the poetic design. 

Every beach has its own unique sound and music. The animal kingdom participates in the fiesta of sound: cicadas, frogs, crickets, owls, hawks, swallows, finches, gulls and other sea birds.

A festival of fragrances is put on by the bushes, sage, oregano, rosemary, laurel, thyme, chamomile, reeds and the lilies of the sea... the seaweed on the beaches, with a strong aroma of sea iodine.

Sip an ouzo or souma (local spirit) with seafood served by the sea. Enjoy both mild and intense flavors every day and night on Paros. Tickle your palate.

Monuments of Paros Helicopter Sightseeing

Monuments of Paros

The archaeological sites of Paros are of great interest to both casual visitors and those who "examine" history through ancient texts and archaeological finds. We encourage you to visit the monuments and travel back through thousands of years of island history.

The main monuments in the Parikia area are: the Temple of Ekatontapiliani in the center of town, the Venetian Kastro, Delos on a hill north of Parikia, the ancient cemetery near the port (used between the 8th century BC and the 2nd century AD), the temples at Kounados (on the Parikia - Naoussa road), the temples of Asclepion and Pythion Apollo south of the town, the memorial to the poet Archilochis at Elitas, the ancient quarries in Marathi, 5 km. from Parikia, and many more.

Paros Things To Do Helicopter Flight

Adventure awaits

Water Skiing: It is relatively easy for a beginner, as long as he does some lessons first. In Paros there is a school of water skiing in Kolimbithres with many years of experience in this sport. They are also suitable for children.

Kite Surfing : The strait between Paros and Antiparos at Pounta Beach is paradise for kitesurfers.

Sailing: Sailing the Greek islands elevates holidays to an entirely different level. It is synonymous with absolute freedom of movement and exploration of the inaccessible coves and the deep blue waters of the Aegean. 

Local Products of Paros

Local products

 The local tastes will fascinate you and you will want to buy some of the Parian products to take them home.

You will find the traditional cheeses of Paros, xinomizithra, touloumissio, ladotiri and anthotiro at the local product shops and at the super markets.

The white and red wines of the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives and of the two modern private wineries of Paros are the best ambassadors for Paros in the world. The lovers of wine will taste the white wine variety Monemvasia, and the red wine variety Mandilaria as well as other varieties such as Vaftra and the black Aidani. 


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