Kythnos Island

Hop on a private helicopter trip to Kythnos island and enjoy the wonderful secret paradise. Whether you are staying there for long 
or search for a day trip transfer from Mykonos, Santorini, Athens or elsewhere in Greece.

Athens to Kythnos // Kythnos to Athens – ca. 20 minutes

Mykonos to Kythnos // Kythnos to Mykonos - ca. 20 minutes

Santorini to Kythnos // Kythnos to Santorini - ca. 40 minutes

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The secret paradise in West Cyclades

If Kythnos could reach out its hands it would reach Kea with one hand and Serifos with the other. Looking at it on a map it’s like a bird with stretched wings to the North and to the South as if it’s ready to fly, to get away from the deep blue Aegean waters and fly away to unknown places with all its treasures: the beaches, the beautiful landscapes , the golden sunsets, the scented gardens, the churches, the traditional houses with the red roofs, the picturesque streets, the lonely windmills, the ancient history, the archaeological sites, the thermal springs , the joyful and hospitable people.

Sightseeing Kythnos Helicopter Charter


Kythnos is a rather big island, offering its guests several impressive sights to visit. Below, there is a list of the island’s types of sights:

  • VRYOKASTRO OF KYTHNOS: The ancient capital of Kythnos
  • CAVES OF KYTHNOS : The Katafyki Cave is the most famous cave of Kythnos, classified as one of the major attractions available on Kythnos most of which remains unexplored to date.
  • HOT SPRINGS: The thermal springs are located in the village Loutra. Two hot springs can be found there Agioi Anargyroi, which is located indoors in the area of the spa and the outdoor spring of Kakavos at a distance of about 50m. 
Kythnos Local Products Sightseeing

Traditional Products 

It is worth tasting the cheese of the island, the feta, the kopanisti and crumbled. The grated cheese is cheese which prepared the "sfougata", a kind of kibble cheese you can find in all the taverns of the island. Besides, cheese and wine of Kythnos are known since antiquity. Other products are sausages and nuts and of course not forgetting the thermiotiko honey is very rich in thyme and considered among the best in the world!
The sweets and nougat, dessert served especially in thermiotikous weddings. The pies and "kolopia" (spinach) are these flavors of tradition.
Finally you can get the caper, which grows on rocky cliffs and decorates your visual and tasty salad. All these food items in each thermiotiko home and can be purchased by agricultural cooperatives, but also shops selling traditional products.


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