Board a private helicopter from or to Athens and experience the Greek gateway to the world. Whether you are staying for business or leisure or searching for a day trip transfer to Mykonos, Santorini or elsewhere in Greece.

Athens to Santorini // Santorini to Athens – ca. 60 minutes

Athens to Mykonos // Mykonos to Athens - ca. 35 minutes

Athens to Spetses // Spetses to Athens - ca. 30 minutes

Helicopter Tour Athens

The Center of Ancient Greece

Athens history stretches back more than 3,000 years making it the birthplace of Socrates, Perlices and Sphocles. The city formed the center of ancient Greece being one of the most influences cultures at its time. Architectural monuments like the Acropolis form the picture of todays city skyline.

Until today, Athens is the most important and most influential city in Greece when it comes to culture, history or economy. Being home to the largest harbour and largest airport in the country. 

And also home base for many of our helicopters forming the gateway to any other place in Greece.

Acropolis Inspiration Athens Helicopter

The Acropolis

There are not many sights to see like this in the world. 
The Arcopolis with its Parthenon templed sitting high on a rocky crag keeping an eye over the whole city and centuries of civilization. Reminding the modern city of Athens back to its roots of ancient Greece, where the Acropolis functioned as citadel on its protected hilltop location - dating back to 447 BC.

You may find beautiful views of the Acropolis without walking up the hill from the north side of the hill. Apostolou Pavlou is the area to be where streetside restaurants line the pedestrian walkway with beautiful views up the hill. You can also find some restaurants with rooftop dining giving you incredible views of the beautifully light up ruins of Acropolis during night time.

To avoid the long line to get in, buy a Skip the Line Acropolis of Athen Tour, which includes a guided tour of the site.

Old Town Athens Helicopter Sightseeing

Plaka - Old Town

One of Athens hot spots is Plaka, located between the northern slopes of the Acropolis and Ermou Street. 
You will find a charming village ambience with narrow street, little squares, colorfully painted houses, restaurants, bars and shops.

In many of the peaceful corners you will find historic churches, ruins and small museums.

The area boasts two important archaeological sites on Pepopida Street: the first-century BC Roman Agora and the second-century Library of Hadrian.

Temple of Olymp Zeus by Helicopter

Temple of Olympian Zeus

The temple of Olympian Zeus, also known as Olympienion, was the largest temple in ancient Greece. Although the Parthenon of Arcopolis is better preserved, the Olympienion was an even more monumental structure in its days. Dated back to the sixth century BC it was not completed until the second century AD by Emperor Hadrian. It's easy to imagine the grand impression this temple made in its complete form. More than a hundred enormous marble columns once supported the grandiose sanctuary. Only 15 columns remain standing, and another surviving column lies on the ground, but the ruins' monumental presence gives a sense of the massive size of the original building. The gigantic structure was a befitting shrine to Zeus, the ancient Greeks' most all-powerful God, known as the King of Gods.

Nightlife of Athens Greece

Dining & Socializing

If you are looking for things to do at night in Athens, head over to the Mnisikleous Street stairs. Restaurants line this set of stairs on the top end of Mnisikleous Street, drawing a crowd in the evenings.

The restaurants vary in quality, although some are quite good, but the atmosphere here is hard to beat. It's extremely casual and relaxed. In fact, when the tables are full, people take to sitting on cushions on the stone stairs, and small knee-high wooden benches are brought out and placed on the stairs, creating an impromptu table. People are often tightly packed in, making for an intimate and friendly experience.


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